Collection Black Bay The Perfume transform into a jewel.
Antonio MartinoVisconti, the creator of the Royal Crown brand's Black Bay, is the heir of the ancient family Visconti a Florentine master glover and perfumers in France at the beginning of the 20th century
According to him, creating a perfume is like dreaming He imagines the smell, the taste and the sound it will have.
Says Antonio " It is like to compose a symphony where pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation) dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture contributes to the final result desired by the artist

All the Black Bay perfumes go through distinct phases of production that include different maceration for each olfactory family ( woods, spices, roots , resins etc..) and only later and following established time, are they infused and allowed to mature over time in a dark, silent spaces
It is this that allows us to obtain the highest level of olfactory perfection, vital in our perfumes, that makes them so unique and desiderable
Flying Dutch, Capture and Adventure, three superb Black Bay's creation, a triumph of artistic craftsmanship brought to the extreme limits of excellence, and exclusivity where every black crystal bottle blown rigorously by mouth, one by one
The hand made embedding on the skull of 900 Zirconia gives the perfume that unique and precious allure of the jewellery object that the skin transform in an enchating magnetic Aura giving charm and charisma to the one that wear it

Three fragrances inspired by the daring and exciting adventures of pirates. Like finding pearls in a secret treasure chest the fragrances provoke us to search for our individual adventures. They venture through the magical qualities made from the smells of wet wood and sails drenched in salt, or aromas of spices piled in the dusty holds. Others are flavoured with fresh tobacco smoke mixed with Jamaican rum. As the wind fills the sails, our heading reaches the heart of our journey, strong with the smell of a cutlass at our hip while vesting our bodies in cured leather. Cheers to the wind which reigns supreme body in these fragrance. As every aroma is acquired in our eternal pilgrimage through the lands and seas, each fragrant theme is a exclusive novelty.
Antonio Martino Visconti


A sacred and profane scent, a glimmer of silky skin, fragrance of royalty but rebel.

Flying dutch

The breath of the Sea. The Sea Endless oceans' water. The cradle of the deepest fears of man.


Elegant, opulent and seductive, with more than a touch of class.