• flair royal crown



      Several Poets have written about ┬árose, the Queen of flowers. Flair is an overwhelming olfactory harmony capable of inebriating the senses, where the Rose blends in absolute harmony with base…

    • habanos royal crown



      The finest tobacco fragrance in the world, this new Royal Crown creation incorporates the true genius of incomparable perfumery art for a vibrant Aura that glows with the energy of…

    • poudre de fleur royal crown

      Poudre de Fleur


      Poudre de Fleurs perfectly embodies the glamour and refinement of a precious jewel. The incarnation of absolute sensuality in an opulent floral-musk bouquet, you can feel it in the air…

    • reflextion royal crown



      Reflextion is one of the most exceptional and unique mimosa perfume blends on the market; a modern interpretation of glamour, sophistication and female grace that exalts into a delight of…

    • tenebra royal crown



      Pure embodiment of seduction. Tuberosa, a sinful flower with a carnal and disturbing wake,it was forbidden to young Renaissance girls, to avoid making them “fall into temptation”. Tenebra gives its…

    • upper class royal crown

      Upper Class


      Inspired by a modern Cary Grant, Upper Class impersonates impeccable charm, natural elegance and subtle irony. A sweet – spicy fragrance with a slight hint of pink pepper and leather,…

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