The idea behind Imperator is the celebration of the flurry and the strength of those who made Rome a great Empire.

Imperator is a mystical and seductive man fragrance crafted to transport the wearer to a far-off land.

There is an incredible smoothness to the blend and its seamless richness feels very luxurious.

A perfume sublimated by the powerful wood – leather notes like rich damask silk on the skin.

 Yet, the richness of the notes belies the perfume’s overall airiness and generally soft sillage.

The result is an exotic wood fragrance that is simultaneously powerful yet elegant, complicated yet comfortable, edgy yet compellingly wearable.

Like a love potion with a radiant sensuality the woody – leather accord with a hint of Oman Frankincens reveals one by one its troubling facets

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5 complimentary 2 ml samples of the collection
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