Les Petites Coquin
Les Petites Coquin

Les Petites Coquin


A refined and precious creation, absolute expression of prestige and luxury that retains and shows the luminous and fresh aspects of flowers and fruits.

A delicate, joyous, angelic and sparkling fragrance, created to be a special tether between the mother and her child, conceived and thought to be worn by either.

A hymn to joy, a triumph of grapefruit fruity notes, orange and tangerine intermixed with floral notes of rose and orange blossom as to create a suave base accord; almost gourmand in nature, with honey and vanilla absolute.

A mix of natural essences that give Les Petits Coquins that sweet powdery note of unmistakable lightness.

A new way to coddle and take care of yourself.

Tangerine, Grapefruit, Peach fruit absolute, orange
Y-Lang extra, orange blossom, Jasmin, Chamomile
Cider wood, Iris Fiorentina, Honey, Vanilla Absolute

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5 complimentary 2 ml samples of the collection

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