Oud Jasmine
Oud Jasmine

Oud Jasmine


“A trail of Oud, that I wanted to be extremely rich in Jasmin, overwhelming you with the force of a Tsunami”

Oud Jasmin is the perfume of “One Thousand One Night”, the tale that enchanted the Sultan Shahriyar.

A scent that evokes the mysteries and beauties of Arabic culture, the feel of starry skies, the silence of caravans that crossed the desert together with the perfumes of musk, incense and myrrh that one could breath in the palaces with eastern arabesques.

Dark and intense, its one of the most complex and ancient scents, with a rich and sensual floral heart where Sambac Jasmin absolute from Sepali is the main actor, described in ancient tales as having a double nature: on one hand pure love, on another sensuality and erotism.

A boisée heart of Oud, with smoky nuances, in between incense and leather with strong accents of soil.

It wasn’t easy to work this scent without the risk of trivialize its typical warm and mysterious facets, but I believe that we succeed in creating an homage to all our devotees that showed an incredible loyalty to our Maison. Oud Jasmin carries a thrilling and confusing soul, carrying with it the sensual light of Jasmin and the warm shadow of Oud.

Dazzling like a red flash.

Y-Lang Extra, Cardamom, Saffron, Clove
Sambac Jasmin Absolute, Cider wood, Tuberose, Moroccan Rose Absolute
Grey Amber, Oud Khanan, Benzoin, Vetiver, Tonkin Musk

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