Oud Santal
Oud Santal

Oud Santal

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There are various examples of perfumes that are neither feminine nor masculine in nature, but this characteristic doesn’t decrease its charm. In fact, they often have that certain something that makes them particularly attractive.

That’s the case with Oud Santal; a fascinating spicy scent – boisée, a perfume that resembles the East, with the warm and enveloping feel of Suq and the starry skies of Atlante.

A jus that is designed with two kings at its head: Santal Mysore, with its warm and balsamic aroma, and the precious Birman Agar Oil, with its shades of honey and wood together with ancient leather, incredibly complex.

A scented dream, sexy, with an hypnotic and sweeping quality, embedded in a precious vial of crystal, made by our own glass masters from Florence.

Styrax, Cumin, Clary Sage, Sandal Wood
Sandal Mysore Absolute, Sambac Jasmin Absolute, Iris Fiorentina Absolute
Birman Oud, Grey Musk, Vanilla Absolute, Gurium, Ebony Wood

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5 complimentary 2 ml samples of the collection
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