“Far beyond the human realm,
there is a land like no other.
free from Christ and laws,
So it has always been,
and so it shall remain.
A land without time.
Here I may be free
even after my death”

A journey to discover the Court of the Zar.

Close your eyes and this perfume will take you to the great halls of Saint Petersburg, where sumptuous parties animated this city, so rich in passion and culture.

You will be able to smell the bergamot and jasmine that enveloped the precious clothes of the great ladies, the unique note of vodka, which warmed the cold Russian evenings … and the inevitable Russian leather, the aroma that more than any other represents the splendor of the court and the great military enterprises.

The striking beauty of the absolute vanilla, red pepper and Turkish rose are illuminated by the rich

background of the finest and mystic India Santal Mysore.

The result is a dream, a woody – flower – spice accord fascinating and full of promise.

As the fragrance warms up on your skin, the roses begin to blossom, darkens gradually as the notes of precious woods and spices become stronger until it becomes truly nocturnal in feel, evocative of a secret garden.

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5 complimentary 2 ml samples of the collection
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